Dry body brushing….ouch!!!

It seems that winter is finally creeping up , and the one thing I hate most about winter is dry skin!!!! ( okay wait there is a much longer list, but well get there….. Eventually) Basically if you can find an extra 5 minutes in your day just before you shower try it (actually only try it only if you really want to…..)

Dry brushing is a simple technique, just brush your skin using short strokes with a dry, natural bristle brush. The benefits of dry brushing go on for days. Smoother skin, clear pores, stimulated lymphatic system, improved skin elasticity, better circulation . . . it is said to increase your cells in the detoxification process and is even reported to reduce cellulite. The process is simple and can be as quick or take as long as you’d like.

First you need a body brush  Then, you need some quiet time before a shower. Give yourself  those 5 minutes( u deserve it) Lock the door for crying out loud, this would look funny to walk in on.

Starting at the soles of your feet, brush your skin in short, circular motions, always aiming in the direction of your heart. Continue up your leg, then repeat the process starting with the other foot. Next brush up your abdomen (feel free to take it a little softer on delicate tummy skin) and toward your heart, and then start in on the palms of your hands, brushing up to your shoulders. When you get to your back, direct your brush strokes toward your stomach. Do you want to brush your neck? Go for it. Do you want to brush your face? Noooooo, you DoNot..(we shall discuss the face soon)

The first time I tried dry brushing I was a little skeptical, and I figured it would hurt. But the good news is, it feels good. It hurts in the best possible way. Your skin literally tingles, and you do feel crazy refreshed after. Some nights, after a long day, a rough dry brushing session is the best stress buster known to man. By the time I step into the shower my skin is buzzing, I’m red all over, and my skin feels crazy soft. Bonus: you can take it easy on the soap, because you’ve already sloughed off most of the environmental toxins and dirt you’ve picked up during the day.

Hey, so how often should you dry brush?……… That really depends on your skin, and your time on hand ,  experts recommend at least twice a week  ( i try to do it more often) And please note, if you have eczema, open wounds, or particularly sensitive skin, you may need to alter your approach to accomodate those areas and/or skip it all together…:(

I Prefer using a dry brush with a longer handle just seems easier for me, shop around , feel the bristles against your skin ( n no need to strip for this just try it on your arm )  and buy the one that suits you best. I got this one from clicks for just R50.


NOTE TO SELFyour brush will always be dry , so please don’t  forget to wash it and let it dry before next use. Wash as often as u feel the need ( I mean I’m not sure how often you roll in the mud …..)

HAPPY BRUSHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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