“Cereal” killers!!!!

Similar to any true addiction , it always starts of small.. Initially it just sounds like this ……….”oooh did you see what happened ” and ” OMG can u believe he did that” ………..”this show is awesome ” ………. “I love her clothing”. ……….all this coming from your friends and particularly some of your precious colleagues……

 And then when those “certain ” people recite lines from the show to you without context and you’re honestly supposed to find them funny. ……. Then they  play you “Best of…” videos and  10-second clips from an entire season just to show u the face of “Damon Salvatore” ( we all know its just for them, to ogle , AGAIN) and expect you to laugh like you understand what the hell is going on.
If you have a group of friends *nudge* *nudge* who ALL watch the same show and talk about it incessantly, this experience can be far worse …..I cannot begin to even go down this road …it sometimes makes me feel as if I’m actually watching it…..
Then, like any peer-pressured courtship, ” that “someone CLOSE  to you gives you your first taste of the show.  This can come in the form of them forcing you to watch an episode with them, insisting for your memory stick to download only “1 or 2” episodes or simply sending you a link to a streaming site for the series. Whatever the method, the person is introducing you to your “gateway episode” to the show.
This person is NOT your friend, he/she is sucking your soul into the vortex that is TV series addiction.
But, like the good friend you are, you find the time and give it a go. You hop in bed, power up your laptop, and stay up late to make it through the show. ( ok ok. I Don’t try to stay awake I’m always awake!!!!)
So this is how It goes , typical scenarios….
1.       Five minutes after watching , you hate the show …well done , u  amongst the lucky ones…power out , go to bed and continue living ur life.
2.      So..u make it through the first episode …it’s not really ur thing but u manage to watch it . If at this point you turn the laptop off and go to bed , you in the clear. …… BUT if u decide to watch one more episode you’re DOOMED dear …
3.      You instantly love it – u love the characters , the setting and most importantly you’re not sure how you lived ur life before watching this …
If u fall into either option 2 or 3 …..then ooopsie its the start of your addiction….but don’t stress it’s still not too serious ……..everything still seems the same  ,  you eat , sleep n work normally …then at the end of the day u need to watch “just one more episode before bed”
  After following a few episodes you suddenly get drawn into the characters and the plot etc etc ……that you even start carrying them around you on a daily basis..
 You say things like, “That’s such a Damon thing to say,” you start looking up to Meredith Grey as your role model and even start tweeting what she says on the show (seriously this has happened *nudge* ) ….. You drift toward people you’d never hang out with solely because they watch the same shows and understand the same pain  and happiness you enduring due to these “series”
Nows the time when u rush home to your computer and feel giddy at the thought of the next episode. Slowly but surely, your life is being consumed and you don’t even realize it. This is the time when u make “screeching “sounds because you have managed to lay your hands on the next few episodes .
Pretty soon, weekends are spent consuming episodes non stop some even hoping for extra holidays , and  now your reality starts to become ingrained in the show.
You now consider these fictional people to be your actual friends and daydream about breaking the metaphysical barrier and entering the show yourself.   Will my parents approve of harvery spectre? You relish the thought of being put in prison with Wentworth Miller and  just one bite from the Salvatore brothers “”oooh imagine””
Your fantasies start spiraling out of control, until …….wait wait …that’s it …
the shows over ?No way can’t be ? Impossible! There were like 6 episodes and its only been a week!!!! No way how did i manage that .
It suddenly feels like something inside of you has died . The feeling of Looking forward to the next episode is gone . You still love the characters , but they seem faded…..distant….it’s over …..
You get out from under your covers, take a shower, finally put on a pair of pants, and go to your kitchen and make yourself something to eat. You can’t believe the strain you’ve put on yourself during this addiction. You decide tomorrow you will call your best friend and hang out, possibly read a book, and go for a leisurely stroll . You look at yourself in the mirror and smile, you’re fine — nothing is wrong with you. The show seems like a distant memory. You smile. You free…….
BBM text message ” hey there listen have you heard about this new series ………..I have the first 2 seasons, you want them? “

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