Aging  can make us feel like we are naked, smeared with tons of ghee and have been deposited near a den of huge grizzly bears who had been on vegan diet for years on end….While it might seem like there is no way out of this aging process……….
please know this …….There is NO way out.
OK, now that we have dispensed with the fantasy of escape, we can move on to something that we call the high school reunion!!!!!
Going to the reunion of someone else’s high school doesn’t normally make it to the “to-do list” …And Attending your spouse’s high school reunion can be a daunting experience.
You’re about to be faced with lots of people you don’t know…… NB I have no reservations whatsoever about mixing and mingling with people I don’t know, In fact, I have made a career out of socializing with strangers (literally). It’s just that in this case, I thought tagging along would be out of place.  These people had a lot of catching up to do and getting to know me wasn’t a priority.
But being the me i am ,  I also  couldnt miss out and understood spouses were invited , it’s a reunion after all …individuals that need to be defined by there ability to achieve whats on the “I’m an adult now -checklist”
Married ? Kids ? Business?  Cars -modified or not? Hallway entertainment ? #privatejoke
In my opinion reunions are usually and most often organized by the people who have gained no weight or lost any hair since end of school, the moths that have blossomed into beautiful butterflies and occasionally u find the vampires , as they don’t cast any reflections in the mirror….*yawn*
On arrival ……Errrrrm …so i was thinking ……….who was gonna fill in the blanks to there slipping memory?…… Thank goodness for name tags!
As usual we were slightly late, and were pointed out to designated seating area for class of ****. . Greetings upon greetings followed my path as i walked towards a seat . Just 2 seats available on a certain round table beautifully decorated in bright yellow flowers And lo and behold!!!!! The excitement , the joy ……..Karma definitely  works in mysterious ways “these are the same guys I sat with in class” …………….”OH BOY!!!!!!”   My immediate thoughts
And so the night went on, as a spouse and not to mention ” almost ” a decade younger i watched and embraced the evening .
Without the trappings of life, they got back to who they were , with the people who they spent most of there schooling life with.  They laughed like they use to , acted silly , irreverent and subversive. They told secrets and certain stories were revealed. Discussed the “profit loss” during a small time business operation in class , who ate and who stole the china fruit, and as the principal gave  his speech the “brats” of the time behaved in no other way except the way they had then… Muttering under thre breath, reminiscing on the fact that the speeches were always  this long bla bla bla….
Only this time round there was no teacher casting a baleful eye on there behavior,and  no parent telling them no time for foolin around . It was just them  being exactly who they wanted to be…..
 As I sat in my seat digging into the divine cheesecake I realized  , These are the people who take my hubby back to the time when life was something to look forward to, rather than a series of choices to regret or not. And the ability to look at this person at age ** (let’s not mention that)  to see him as he was ( okay wait , much hasnt changed his actually still the same ) knowing that they are all looking at each other just the way they saw them all those years back.
Like reinvention. For those who did manage to lose the weight, the bunny teeth, the Coke bottle glasses and the dorky clothes, the reunion was clearly a way to flaunt there reinvented selves to the world, for others is was all about just being there, catching up and enjoying the moments….
i am quite certain that for those who were initially hesitant about attending this reunion, discovered  it was an event that they wouldn’t have missed and indulged in the copious amounts of energies in the room.
LIFE Happens..Get up, Get dressed and Show up…
It surely was a Night to Remember,
“Some people no matter how old they get, never lose there beauty they just move it from their faces into their hearts” ….. Martin Buxbaum


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