Winter is here , no doubt!!!!
 So I planned to blog much this weekend, cos I have so much to say and so much to share , however I was so busy trying to keep warm that blogging didn’t quite happen….ensuring that our “winter” equipment is all intact —-Spencer’s ,long johnnies , blankies,  electrics , heaters ,air cons , etc etc etc….
Needless to say no matter how cold it is , we know we are able to keep ourselves warm somehow…….right??
So before we get down to keeping ourselves and our homes warm ,  lets think about those that are unable to find the warmth …..today’s blog post should  take 5 mins of your time just to figure how you can give back and appreciate all that you have….(I know you all do already but nothing wrong with a teeny tiny reminder…. And this goes for me as well!!!)
Go into this with an open mind & heart. Meaning, do it ONLY because you want to, not because you think it will look good to others, look good on a resume, or (& this is important) because you think you will be thanked or appreciated. You probably won’t be. And that is OK.
Also, go into it KNOWING that you will not be able to change people, or make their lives “like” yours or anyone else’s. Small changes Is what matters…
Street Children could all do with a blankie, my take is no matter what they do with the money u give them they still feel cold , hunger and thirst…
There are many organisations that need volunteers . Find what you are most comfortable with : kids,families or the elderly….
If you really have no time to do this by yourself , there’s always a foundation that could do with the cash assistance.
Please feel free to add ideas and suggestions in the COMMENT BOX of how you go about giving back to the community  especially in the winter, as well as organisations names and email addresses…
I have added 2 organisations for now , that I have personally witnessed do an enormous amount for the community in the most remarkable manner . There are however so many organisations , google accordingly , do your homework and make your choice.
CWF ( caringwomensforum.org.za ) (www.cwf.org.za)
If you can’t feed a hundred people , feed just ONE” ~~~Mother TheresaImage

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