Some  Autumn Winter trends 2013!!!!

Clutch it……nope SCRUNCH it!

There seems to be a new way to carry your bag.  Anyone who’s anyone  is holding her tote from beneath.  Yes, it’s probably because all that ‘Craping’ was kinda cramping their ability to hold handles properly. But it’s also because handles are so spring/summer. Seriously.

Some designers have reinvented the way the world holds a clutch bag too. Clutching it in your hand? Oh no no no… come September we’ll be ‘scrunching’ our clutch bags. Just folding them up and waving them in the air like we just don’t care. And guess what ZARA has wheeled out a Scrunch Clutch already.
POLO Necks…. Yeh
Rolo neck or is it polo neck, depending on what you call them. Be it a straight black polo or a detachable roll neck . Layer it up under a simple shift or leather tee….. And Trust me, the polo’s back…..
Ready to lose your G plates? You should be. Gold plated bags, belts, shoulders and shoes have been doing the rounds for a season or two now… And wearing gold plates this Autumn Winter has became fashion law.
 PINKing around ??
If for some unknown reason a fashionnnn type holds a stiletto to your head and demands that you wear just ONE colour for the next year, make it pink. It doesn’t need to be just one pink though, it could be an array of hot pink hues or silk and feathers in soft dusky pinks.
Yes im sayng Colour in winter!!! Everyone knows I’m the queen of black but  Its one way to beat those ol’ weather blues.
And if you don’t like pink? DO NOT PANIC. Cobalt blue , orange and neon yellow flashes about this season…
 Zee Head AND Neck GEAR
I have always had a craze for hats, all sorts and types..
This season felts hats and  very, very big Boyfriend cable knit beanies are, err, HUGE…and
Knits, We love infinity scarves. They are so nice and cozy and look great with a casual outfit.
GET A Jakeeeet!!!
Oh my gawd they’re back again …Think fluffy, dramatic and so very cosy be it in any print , fluffy parka it is. (this is not really me but its in) …As long as it’s big and fake, it’s in……. (and no longer trash).lol~~~NB faux fur
Military jackets are also still very popular this season. Coats coats and more coats
Long  leather gloves. Leather mini-skirts. Leather is big in 2013 and we are seeing it everywhere.
Overdoing any specific trend at one time is not on…less is more!!!!!

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