Post event….

For those of you already feeling hampered by this obtrusive week, today is Only Tuesday…ooohh That means my show took place more then 2weeks ago…

And ………..I have not managed to blog since the show , clearly pre stress is just as bad as post stress…nevertheless My feet have finally seemed to have found the ground, and my fingers the tablet….

The show went of way better then expected, it was surely the red carpet event we had prepared for…. Much chaos prior to the show, the yelling , the moods , the outbursts , all this part and parcel of the efforts to put together sometng like this………the days that followed were action packed toooo…..

From a hi-tea fashion event held in durban , to crazy airport trips , trying to coordinate rides and flights to and from , here and there!!!!
Misplacing wallets, racing through to closing gates at airport terminals, reaching car hire at closing time, every action somehow managed to find a whirlwind of chaos behind it………why oh why…. Cos I hate Murphy I guess….
If you’re already having a bad day, the shortest, most seemingly innocent trip will occur during the hottest, dustiest hour, along the most crowded, traffic-jammed street, with a broken traffic light, an accident blocking the way, and your car almost out of petrol and just like the darned red robot that takes forever to go green on you …like I said I hate Murphy……. I must also make mention of my constant horrific toothache during all of the above — ( which I will be sure to discuss further ) — madness I tell you!!!!

Day 4 after the show —- I reached my warm bed and managed to tuck myself in , designers have settled in thre beds to, in Mumbai that is….
Alls well that ends well……………eventually…..










  1. Sounds like you had lots of fun!!! Had an amazing time at the Durban show.. So glad you stunning ladies brought Rubina down here.. I really enjoyed the shows by the local designers as well! Good work getting such fantastic designers together! Cannot wait for the next show in Durban!

    Aunty S.

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