Appropriate gifting!!!!

Could not resist this one!!!!!
So I wasn’t  going to write a birthday post just because it was my birthday. That would be stupid and predictable, not to mention… pretentious or more like …..just not me ……
Anyway, I didnt feel like writing a birthday post.((birthday was last sunday 19 May)
Birthdays are like any other day , No magic sparkly dust fluttered down from the sky and landed on me, imbuing me with wisdom and a couple of extra crow’s feet (stay out of the sun, girls). A new set of nails didnt suddenl just emerge  out  my fingers, I didn’t even have to find a cocoon to shed my old skin  , I don’t feel older. I don’t even feel old. I feel great, actually.
But I didn’t feel like making a big deal out of my birthday this year, and I didn’t even remember it was coming, so it would have been silly to write a post about it ( to be honest i Forget every year) and i only realized it was my birthday when my sister reminded and  I was like, “Oh… huh. I forgot my birthday was coming. Oh well.” *SHRUG*
Complete indifference. however as for the gifts I am truly  blessed for all the wonderful pressies  but some things just need to be blogged about…..this gift was just way too awesome and had to be shared…..thanks to the sender…i shall continue blogging some more shit!!!!!



  1. I agree with the dude that commented on the top… I love to celebrate my birthday..

    As a matter of fact, I celebrate it the entire month. My family does get annoyed with me though because my daughters birthday is a few days later and I still celebrate mine and blow out her candles…

    Anyway, at least celebrate a birthday week next year!

    Aunty S.

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