Aching TooTh!!!!

as the title might suggest to the more intellectually proficient among you, I have a tooth ache, so don’t expect me to be funny, charming, erudite or even mildly polite. My tooth hurts and when your tooth hurts you are absolved from all pretense of the world.
The saying to be grateful for the toothache that we don’t have is one I have heard many times over . Although this is a metaphor for the simple idea that we don’t notice pain or suffering until we fully experience it, the concept of not having a toothache was a serious element of my life For the last few weeks, the pain disappeared root canal and filling later , but guess what it’s back Today it’s back, all the more reason to blog this shit!!!!!!!
Like any other pain theres one thing for sure , you can’t grit your teeth…YOU HAVE A TOOTHACHE! Try gritting your teeth and you’ll fall to your knees screeching…….
A toothache is among the worst forms of pain.
Everyone knows I have a sweet tooth which could probably be the reason for my endless toothaches …maybe just maybe , BUT we are not confirming this tho …..
So anyway this  insane toothache that had finally  resulted In a root canal…with no anesthesia …okay okay let me explain this in more detail, for some odd reason my body doesn’t do anaesthetic very well, my mouth does not numb, I’m somehow any dentists worst “patient” . In this case my dear baby sister was held victim as the dentist for the day , one friday afternoon 3 weeks ago, honestly I think she never wants to treat me again….My anaesthetic kinda wore of during my root canal , I’m told its due to my metabolic rate……it was a kind of deadly experience , but I have been through a few fillings nil anaesthetic …..
So the result of this insane cavity led to ear , head and face aches…and this got beyond excruciating ..see to it that you do the dentist as often as you can….I honestly felt that death was about to strike…the outcomes of leaving the pain for weeks on end…..
antibiotics and boxes of painkillers later I realized the other side needed work, yes a filling on the opposite end……..Friday afternoon 2 weeks ago ( so Fridays are somewhat becoming dentist days for me…)
Ecstatic that I had finally dealt with my “teeth” I tried moving on and decided t get a good nights rest………….this lasted 1 week to be exact…..The pain has returned and with a vengeance …from a dentists words its called “referred pain” …in my words it’s been “referred” to every possible place on my face, head and neck……..arrrrgggggghhhhh…..
Think of how this  feels. It, in a word, hurts.
I’m thinking I need a  triplicate prescription form for some heavy schedule 7 drug , do you even get those????
 My doctor probably won’t write these triplicate prescriptions; after all who needs the hassle? Forget the poor me who’s in pain, let me just suck down panados and myprodols……..Let’s not forget one major thing…I HAVE A TOOTHACHE!!!!!!!
Few  home made remedies for toothaches…..

1. Numb the Toothache Pain With Ice
Apply an ice pack, or three or four ice cubes wrapped in a dish towel, to your face at the location of the hurting tooth. The ice will help numb the nerves in your tooth and deaden the pain. It will also help relieved a swollen, inflamed gum. Heat can make a toothache feel better as well. However if infection is present it can make it worse.

2. Crushed Aspirin Can Help Deaden a Nerve, crush the aspirin and apply to infected area.

3. Salt Water Can Bring Toothache Relief ,gargle with salt water.

4. Cloves – bite on a clove

5. A Tea Bag Can Help Kill Toothache Agony , dip tea bag into water , squeeze and apply to infected area.


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