Argan ….. Oil

The craze about this miracle oil, called argan oil…old news for some but just recently realized a friend didn’t even know it existed….

 Argan oil is referred to as a miracle product because of its extreme moisturising benefits for both hair and skin. Unlike other oils, argan extracts don’t just temporarily mask dryness. The crushed fruit kernels contain vitamin E to restore each strand of hair and keep it moisturized long after use. At the same time, argan oil helps to naturally restore the hair cuticle, probably because of the natural presence of anti oxidants that reverse cellular damage.
Pure oils are the most effective in taming dry hair, and organic versions are the healthiest.
Before purchasing this product, you should learn how to identify quality Argan oil .
*argan oil needs to be listed as the primary ingredient in order to reap the full benefits of the oil.
 *lookout for products that mix the argan extract with other synthetic ingredients. These can leave your hair in a worst situation then before .
*look out for chemicals like PARABENs, that have recently been linked to some types of cancers that can seep into pores then to bloodstream.
*Plant -based hair shampoos and styling goodies are better choices than synthetic versions. However, you will still not gain the same effects as pure argan oil.
* look for pure extracts. Bottles clearly labeled containing 100% argan oil.
Application …………,
It is sooooo important how you apply Argan oil in your hair. Argan oil can be applied before or after taking a shower.  Before taking a shower pour some oil on the head and spread it across the hair so that it becomes applied from tips to roots of hair. After that gently massage and rub the oil on the scalp that would be the Skin on your head. ……Use a brush or comb to distribute evenly the oil. Wrap the head in a hot piece of cloth or towel for some time before washing the hair. Then, thoroughly wash you hair. It can also be applied in place of wet gels. A few drops of Argan oil dropped on brush or comb while brushing the hair, gives the hair freshness, brilliance and luster.
Argan  oil is truly a miracle product, it works best when you follow other healthy hair techniques, too.
The moroccan oil is the one I use , and it covers a list of products in there range…all are #amazing….
Moroccan oil - R360  Gosh Argan Oil, R89 VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir, R46 Redken All Soft argan-6 oil, R320

Moroccan oil – R360
Gosh Argan Oil, R89
VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir, R46
Redken All Soft argan-6 oil, R320


  1. I am so happy that you have posted about this at this time. I am in need to go buy my salon hair products and I am definitely going to add this onto my list. Been abit broke so been using this Dove Shampoo for damaged hair. It damages my hair even more. I really miss using my Kerastase products… Cant wait to go buy as husband will give my new months wages. Will just have to cut down on the other lists. Guess the kids will be eating peanut butter sandwiches for lunch this month!

    Aunty S

    1. Hi aunty S, thanks for taking a great interest in my blog….there are cheaper alternatives for the argan oil as well… Maybe start of with those products first….also try doing some home remedies , which I Will be sure to post about soon these will also save you tons of money… With an excellent effect as well..
      Thanking you…

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