Hunter bOOts

Finally We can look forward to the rainy seasons …… style…..

Why ? U may ask ….cos we finally have great access to the hunter wellingtons, which was previously limited to just the uk…….now you can feel and look gorgeous in the gloomy wet weather.
Here’s the truth: there is nothing I hate more than walking around on a cold and wet day, trying to avoid as many puddles as possible, only to have some overly excited person in front of me practically jump right into every puddle in sight! And then there we go. My goal is ruined. The dirty water has splashed all over the place, including my own shoes.
I have to say I’ve never really been a fan of these rubber boots but I have suddenly learnt to love these ” Wellies” AND  they come in a kids range as well….
Kids range start from about R749 and adults range starts from about R1400……some pics attached of my favorites…
Celebs sporting a pair of hunters---- looks sexy yeah!!

Celebs sporting a pair of hunters—- looks sexy yeah!!

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