For a subject of tiresome theorems, Maths provides excellent entertainment

So …….I tutor her maths , but she definately needs to tutor me in English….this young lady writes in such an amazing manner and manages to make English sound foreign to some…..#nojokes

Quixotic Novelist

Whoever said maths was a boring subject has never spent a session with my tuition group.

Introduction to three participating characters the first bore a sore spasm from a three hour history exam, the second bounced with avidity at receiving a new Galaxy S4 or perhaps the of titillation of spending countless hours being chased by the obese conductor on Subway surfers and the third who sat slumped under the stress of an AP maths test. All mentioned are sustaining the severe symptoms of a serious lack of slumber over the past week, I too am included in this category and so, please excuse the many errors I’m sure to contrive in this post.

Now I’ll set the scene, being thoroughly Indian , my nature demands my arrival to be fashionably late, about half way through analytical geometry. The spot light failed to shine upon me, instead my presence brought…

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