Toast with “Style”

The humble toaster hasn’t really changed much over the years. After all, there isn’t much you can do with a device which exists purely to brown bread……right???
Well …..i must be honest… quest to buying the perfect toaster has been a mundane yet recurring theme of my adult life which often leads to toaster rage when I buy yet another useless toaster…..

So… This time round I decided to google search “toasters” ……and my oh my …much to my delight it seems the toaster has a little world of its own…..check out some of these stylish pieces , and my choices of best in innovation for the “toaster” ……


This toaster by Sasha Tseng incorporates a little message board where one can read quick notes. The message also gets “toasted” into the toast itself so it gives new meaning to “read while you eat”.



Unlike standard toasters, the Portable Toaster has a graphic user interface that shows how well the bread is toasted.



This toaster is part of Ivo Vos’s ‘Brunch’ collection. It’s a toast catapult, or trebuchet. One cool feature is that it lets you calibrate the force and angle of your toast’s trajectory. Presumably so that you can have a plate all set up in the right place. It’s one of many prototypes for kitchen equipment from the Dutch designer.



This transparent toaster concept is clearly awesome for a number of reasons. Most important, you can see the exact level of toastedness your toast is at, ensuring that you never get a burnt or an undertoasted toast.



The Nahamer T450 toaster concept from Rob Penny gets a big thumbs-up in the design department with its good looks and viewing window. Plus, instead of popping up, the toast slides gracefully onto your plate–simplifying the mechanics in standard toasters



Designed by Jaren Goh of Singapore, and winner of the 2006 Red Dot Award, the ROLLERtoaster is pretty self explanatory: stick bread in one side, and watch it get rolled into toast by the compact little unit.



One of the most interesting gadgets to hit the market is the Lego Toaster and Clock. This is one of those gadgets that Lego fans will really like and appreciate. The Lego designs seem to be the in thing these days. Be it for any kind of new product or gadget, the term Lego is sure to draw more than just a curious stare. Jamyle Savaris, a student, has designed a toaster and clock, keeping in tune with the trend using Lego inspired designs.!/entry/awesome-toaster-and-alarm-clock-designs-inspired-by-lego,50249ed57af68a84dc7a5b72



Besides the unique design, the “Split Triplo” toaster lets you simultaneously bake and roast the bread. It was designed by Craig Strangward.



The Toaster Tree….it’s got fancy transparent leaves that hold your bread, till they are done. Transparent nano-electric membrane technology is what the designer cites in support of the crisping/browning element; I simply adore the thought of a leaf-pattern singed to my toast. Please someone remove the kinks and flaws (in design and tech) to make me a happy Toaster Tree!



If you are the kind of person who rushes around in the morning, but always makes the time for toast, you will love the Scan Toaster printer concept by designer Sung Bae Chang. Details are scarce, but we do know that it connects to the internet via USB and is capable of printing images or text on bread using some sort of flexible “module” unit heated by a wire.



Twin hot plates heat the bread as the motorized unit pulls it through.



The lid can be closed when not in use t prevent dust from getting into it.



Inspired by a desktop ink-jet printer, sliced bread is stacked and fed into the toaster from the top, it is then toasted and ejected onto the base.



  1. I just love the first one. My husband can write me sweet messages on toast and bring me breakfast in bed.

    Lovely ideas!

    Aunty S

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