When my lipstick doesn’t STaY…

Winter lips…..

No one likes to apply their lipstick only to have it wear off in a couple of hours, my lipstick no matter which type tends to wear of almost immediately, following Some quick tips and tricks i manage to get the most from my lipsticks all day long , all year round, especially keeping it subtle in winter….. Mwah….Xo

Exfoliate –
This is the most important thing you can do for your lips as this removes all the dead skin from your lips leaving new skin cells to grow in their place. This will help keeps your lips soft and subtle. If you have sensitive lips do it the evening before.
This can easily be done by combining 1tblsp sugar and 1 tsp honey and using a toothbrush to gently scrub your lips. Do this once or twice a week to keep your lips soft and kissable.

Hydrate –
Using lip balm is essential before applying lip products as it provides hydration to your lips. Be sure to apply your lip balm atleast 10 minutes before your lip color to ensure it has the opportunity to soak in or gently wipe off any excess before applying lip colour.

Lipliner –
Begin by using your favorite lipliner, once the lips are lined you are going to use the same liner pencil to fill them in. This is extremely important as this will lay the foundation for the lipstick you apply on top. Simply turn the liner onto its side and color in the rest of the lip.

Lipstick –
The final step is to apply your lipstick. It’s best to use a brush to apply, rather then directly from the bullet, as this will give you the longest lasting effect. For even longer staying power, it’s also a good idea to use long-wearing lipstick formula and be sure to apply a few layers for intense color and staying power.

Final touches –
After you’ve applied your lip color, there are a few additional steps you can do to make sure it lasts the whole day.

After you’ve applied your lipstick, it’s best to go over your lips with a small amount of lip liner once again.

After you’ve applied your lip color, take your index finger and place it in your mouth and pull it out slowly. Any lipstick that would have ended up on your teeth will be on your finger instead.

Lip gloss can cause your lip color to come off quicker due to it’s formula which often contains oils and can break up your lip color. So ditch the gloss and instead take one-ply tissue, hold it over your lips and dust a bit of translucent powder over it with a fluffy blending eye brush to keep it in place.

If you still find your needing to touch up your lip color, it’s best to start from scratch, otherwise your lip color can end up looking uneven, cakey and messy — which no one wants. If you can’t be bothered repeating the process, try blotting your lips, then gently dabbing some of your lip color onto your lips. Otherwise, a slick of gloss is always the way.


  1. Great tip…..but now I’ll have to wake up an hour earlier just for my lipstick babe…sigh
    I can’t imagine the time I’ll need for eyes and the rest….
    Ok ok I just won’t sleep lol

  2. Lovely tips! I cannot wait to exfoliate my lips!

    Adela… please sleep my darling… or you will have dark circles like aunty shameema.


    Aunty S

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