Most of this morning was spent standing doing one of the most boring jobs invented for man; invigilation. I have been very lucky over the years, because for most of my life I have done a job that interests me; a job that on occasions can challenge, excite, exasperate, depress, and many other verbs but very rarely bore. That is until you have been asked to watch a group of students for three hours who are doing an examination.
Time stands still!

So….the time has arrived , Mid year exams ………The most boring job in the world is definately invigilation, and i cannot express my feelings any more…It’s a big pain in the knees, neck and eyes- we need to stand and roam around the exam hall continuously for 3 hours, keep an eye on every student and turn both directions frequently, somehow feels like you need to manage to turn your head an entire 360 degrees..
I have been seeing this stereotypical practice since my childhood, but never realized what it felt like to be the educator pacing the exam room……or attempting lunges or whatever It is we try to do in order for the time to passssssss by..

A lot of people ask me whether I get bored invigilating…Errrrr…..Im like …..u kidding right…..the most tedious and indescribably monotonous task and you ask this…….
having to stand at the back of an exam hall for three hour periods with almost no role other than to observe; to stare relentlessly at a bland sample of anonymous students as they scramble their way towards a particular answer, a particular mark, a particular grade or number they’ve convinced themselves will bring them some contrived form of temporary joy. Surely I’ve had enough of exam invigilation…

In any event just a few days left before the vacation begins……always a bright light at the end of every tunnel….


  1. Just a few loooooonng days to vacation…. And a few short days to Ramadhaan *your favourite time of year. #cantwaite

  2. This sounds very boring… Walking up and down! I would rather do window shopping. Then again, my husband has only been allowing me to do that. Good luck for the next one!

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