Tangle teezer

With knottttty hair….

A few years back a friend mentioned the tangle teezer to me, my daughter always had long locks of hair and brushing it wasn’t one of the easiest tasks of motherhood…..What little girl didn’t spend her childhood yelling “Ow! That hurts!!” when having her hair brushed?

At the time the brush was not available in South Africa….I managed to get my hands on one  and it was magical …..the brush is now readily available in SA contact details below….

The brush works amazing not only on my lil princess, but I too love it to bits…..
The design of the bristle formation and length is meant to be the reason that the tangle teezer is so effective and I have to say that after a google search there seems to be a certain magic to it because there are lots of people wondering why it is such an effective brush. I guess it simply is! I also think that the handleless shape helps too as it stops you tugging as much on hair as you brush and stops you putting hair under as much pressure so you get a more even brush but like many others, the magic really does just escape me.
I can’t believe how much my other brushes and combs would snag and pull out my hair. I thought the amount of hair in my brushes was normal before I used the Tangle Teezer, never realising that I was pulling out hairs that weren’t ready to fall.

The kids version is so cute. It’s shaped like a flower that nestles in either a pink or blue pot, which also serves as a hair tie holder.
Nothing and no-one could convince my daughter to brush her hairat the time and though she’s long grown out of that stage, she loves the gentleness of the Tangle Teezer even now.
You can also get a compact handbag version that comes with a slide-on teeth protector.

If you are concerned about the amount of hair your current brushes are pulling out, or just want a highly effective and gentle detangling tool, I can’t recommend a Tangle Teezer more,
Contact S.Variawa 0834077033 or 0812710381

Have you got one? Is this something you think you’d use?
I’d love to hear what you think of them too.





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