No, really, I hate packing.
It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about packing for vacation, packing for a move, or just packing my lunch. I procrastinate when I have to do it. When I go on vacation I usually don’t pack my clothes until the night before. I use the excuse that it’s so I can make sure that everything is clean, but that’s not true. It’s because I hate to do it…….I don’t think this is something I should have put off until the night before, like I do for short trips
I find the experience almost traumatic. It makes no difference where I’m going, or how long I’m going for. It’s all just as awful and annoying.

Arrrghhhhhh this packing requires making a LOT of decisions, and i always pack badly, no matter how many times I pack for a trip……

There is no real point to this post other than to complain, and procrastinate from bloody packing. Anyway I leave Tomorrow and I’m stil not done….yeh….so what …..




  1. Ooh, Aunty S also hates packing.

    I usually throw in all my old clothing and kaftans that I dont like to wear anymore so that my hubby has to take me shopping to buy new clothing.

    But now when we go and if I do this… he takes me to the supermarket in deira city centr, dubai.. and Aunty S does not like to wear this terrible supermarket clothing.

    So now … I make him pack the bags! Enjoy wherever you are going and post some pics!

    Love Aunty S.

  2. Oh dear! I get rid of a lot of my problems by having everything but my clothes pre-packed:

    As far as clothes go, I decide ahead of time what I’ll take. Plan on a capsule wardrobe where all the pieces mix / match /layer with each other for many outfits. 5 tops, 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of pants, a cute dress, dress shoes, walking shoes, a jacket. Done. Add accessories for more outfits.

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