Talking bout a revolution…..#egypt

I am back……finally….

When I told people we were taking the kids to Egypt, I got two responses:
The first was a shocked one “Have you seen the news lately?! Is Egypt even safe to visit?” The second response ” Wow. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always dreamed of going to see the pyramids.”

Our actual main destination was planned for Saudi Arabia, and decided to include a stopover before. Egypt seemed the best choice as my daughter is very intrigued by the history of this country…

But just a few days before we left, every time you turned on the news there was coverage on the civil unrest, turmoil, chaos in Egypt. I asked Hubby if he thought it was even safe to go. By looking at the news it looked like it was the last place we should take our kids.
Even the travel agent eventually flagged Egypt, recommending tourists to not go to Cairo as Sunday 30 June , was the day the country planned to overthrow the president……a COUP , yip that’s right the day we land …….

So change of plans a day before departure …..crazy , chaotic, madnesssssss I tell you…..
Detour …………..connecting flight to Sharm El Sheikh from Cairo and we hoped for some peace in a few days time to return to see the pyramids and whatever other rich history we could indulge in such a short time …….

So..we arrived at Cairo International July 1st 2013…. Everything seemed fine…people were calm ……later that afternoon we reached Sharm El Sheikh ….The atmosphere was amazing …….The people of Egypt were all in high spirits , majority of the nation were waiting for the president to be overthrown….I Guess our timing in the country was just perfect…….We roamed the streets with no fear whatsoever witnessing the people of egypt discussing the coup……By Wednesday Evening the news spread across the country ……He had been Overthrown……the joy the celebrations ……it was unbelievable…….we were definately a part of history…a Revolution was taking place right in front of my eyes…and the best part my kids got to witness Every part of it……one thing for sure is that the news channels certainly have ways to over react…..

Do you ever have those moments when you know you are exactly where you should be? You couldn’t feel more confident in your choices and next steps … and yet the familiar voice of fear is ever present, ever there, whispering worst case scenarios to you……….so we made it to Cairo , we managed the pyramids the sphinx etc……..unfortunately the museum will have to be left for our next trip, it was cordoned of as it is part of Tahrir Square where the mass dem was being held…..a country so rich in history we are surely not done there yet……and…I must admit we did manage to get out of there just in time….

Pics to come soon , I’m kinda still on the lazy side of life……And Sorry for not blogging while away but I planned to give my kids every moment of my time , so I canned all forms of technology…….


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