What to keep….Spring…

As the Warm weather will begin to rollout , a wardrobe clean-out might well be on the cards……(PS. Dont forget i can help with this) …
Doing it properly means being ruthless, whether you adhere to the philosophy of a curated wardrobe or not. But knowing what to keep is just as important as knowing what to throw away. Otherwise, come the change in season, you’ll be left saying that awful phrase of damn, I wish I’d kept my….

As spring shall approach our thoughts turn to our closets. More specifically, what’s in our closets. We get excited about the idea of packing away the sweaters, boots, and fleeces, and pulling out the warm weather clothes.

Before diving in and choosing a springtime look, let’s see what we can keep from last season……

Wedge sneakers
Bright blazers
Emerald anything….
Oriental inspired clothing
Leather..perhaps the lighterweight versions….
Retro pieces

Have fun with the “Spring” Clean ladies…..

For more info regarding the wardrobe clean up and styling , please email fatimadadoo1@gmail.com


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