Name’s Fatima with no h
I’m a mommy and married to my best friend…(who has plans to blog here sometime soon…)
I like being overly dramatic and am extremely sentimental , well sometimes..
I’m obsessively obsessive about the most random things and I just discovered my love for words ending in -ly.
Most of the time you can count on me being late. Shame shame, I know, but it’s probably not my fault…probably…
You can find me living in the Jhb suburbs pretending to be domestic and fit in with the city folk. Along for the ride are my  2 boys aka the husband and son and our little princess….whom i may brag about from time to time.
I love sports, but do none of it for now……
I am a great cook , but my kitchen hasn’t seen me for a while …..
numbers are  definitely my thing…..
I am most Straightforward…
I am always late.
I love the country.
I am outgoing.
I do not love cranberry sauce.
I have trays of OCD.
I do not love driving.
I love photography.
I do not love a messy house.
I love traveling.
I am not good at folding laundry.
I use to love roller coasters.
I am happy.
I hate washing dishes.
Im an Insomniac
I’m a drug dealer…… JOKES!!!!
SO…….. franklyspeaking  is a conglomeration of the thoughts, likes and ponderings of me….
I always knew I could talk alot and never realised i could write as much as well.
I see communication as arms and legs, eyes and ears, fingers and toes, lips and tongues – words that when read, physically touch or spiritually move us.
Effective communication can unite and bind together obvious understandings but can also gently hand-clasp those little wisps of thought that float around in our consciousness’.
I love words and dashes and full stops too and seek to convey and communicate as well as i possibly can, if you know how I talk then only will you get the DASHES,  EXCLAMATIONS  and full stops!!!!!!!
I also have a crazy heart.  which opens up a new venture on this site.

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