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Mothers Day garden Party

Time is almost here for our Mother’s Day Party in aid of Princess Alice Adoption Home.

Treat mom to the day out that she deserves!!!!!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a garden party for the whole family from beauty and pamper treats for moms, fashion show hosted by platinum Ice with some exquisite designers, canapés to adore throughout the day, dine with our own fabulous celebrities, guest speakers, celebrity hair stylists , entertainment and talent show for kiddies , stalls to browse through , dad’s own personal space “man cave” and loads more in the spectacular landscape of La Vie en Rose in Illovo.
The day will be MC’d by Jonathan Boynton-Lee (Top Billing presenter & Cosmopolitan’s Sexiest Man 2014) and hosted by Carmel Fisher (actress & founder of Celebrity Cherubs Charity-aid).

Proceeds from the day will be used towards caring for 30 babies who have been abandoned or consented for adoption.

Date: 11 May 2014
Venue: La Vie en Rose, 48 Melville Road, Illovo (Johannesburg, Gauteng).

Listing on CharitySA:

5 Days to go so get your tickets now…
Adults: R250. Children (3 to 12 yrs): R120.




Fashion Fusion

So my next event is around the corner , 25th October (Johannesburg)@ 7pm at the Killarney mall & 27th October (Durban) @3pm at the Suncoast Casino.
I’m pretty excited about it , except that the butterflies have begun already. No matter how times you do an event , the feelings somehow are always the same. I will be sure to put up pics immediately after the event.
Oh and the reason I have not blogged in a while is becos this site is actually under construction…So will be back with a bang shortly.

Fashion Fusion will be hosted by the sexy Bollywood star Upen Patel. Our guests will entertained by live singer Suraj, dancers XDC, Rhythmscapes and Oriental Fire dancers .The charity beneficiary for this event is Twilight Children and the audience will be mesmerized by the little ones performances on stage as well.
As for the main event the spectacular Fashion Segment , garments from Mumbai Designer Rohit Verma will WOW the crowd. Guest designers include Nyshaa Couture (Mumbai ) , Moda Lounge ( SA) , Mora Ammo (SA) as well the amazing Jewellery Designs by Akshar Choudree .

This is a show not to me missed …..So , if you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, please do so at …find fashion fusion and click appropriate time and date . Email for any suggestions or technical issues .
Your support is always appreciated. Tickets priced at R250 and R500 (VIP)


Some Basic beauty TIPS!!!!

Some basics you may or may not know… for me ….


When using cream-based beauty products — like lipstick or foundation — apply a dry face powder on top to seal in your look. This also works for blush (apply a cream blush to cheeks, then top with a dry blush).


Weird Shoes….

So during these insomniac moments of mine , what else was there to do, other then the “Internet” … during my crazy hair pulling sessions……okay really i had none of those …..I actually meant whilst googling the effects of weed on an individual in order to write my previous article …….I came across some crazy things , and one of them being some crazy, weird ass shoes……or would you prefer me say , different and unusual ……..okay that was a joke too ,and no not the shoe part………


Sleep or NOT!!!

Okay it’s confirmed 4am knows all my secrets….
Sometimes I write deep meaningful posts, well i try lol…….This, my friends, is not one of them.

Cos lately I’ve been meeting up with this chick called ” insomnia”
She comes around the second I rest my head on the pillow…and she stays. I ask her to leave and She just ignores me .
I get serious, try to evict her with warm hot chocolate , lavender, praying, hot showers even the sleeping pillow app and yet, she plants herself like a heinous growth at my bedside, terrorizing me. I mean What does she want for crying out loud……
She has always been hovering around but this time it’s just too much…she has has affected my brain….it’s like WEED guys……

Firstly if u must know I don’t smoke weed and I actually don’t care if you do, cos there are worst things you could do like hit people or wear Ed hardy …lol just kidding …….there are bigger things going down like wars, bloodshed n murder so honestly smoke weed if u want no one cares…..but what bothers me is that I think having insomnia is like smoking weed……

Weed makes people stupid , Insomnia makes me feel dumb…and I don’t like feeling dumb , I want to feel like the smartest person ever (wether i am or am not is not the question rite now * bleh* )
Weed makes people hungry , try staying awake all night , this chick will make you eat everything in sight……and a lot of it and generally it tends to be just absolute crap …I mean no one but no one is going to bother with the calorie content at 2am…..seriously …….weed provides one with random bursts of giggling, insomnia has definately managed that ….
Weed is illegal, if u didnt know and insomnia makes me want to do illegal things like shoot myself or the person that attempts waking me 5mins after i eventually fall asleep….arghhhhhhh…….
And For the Grand Finale……..Weed makes people useless(stats have proven this …..i think….cos it has to ) & Insomnia surely makes me useless. I have sat down to write a blog post at least 10 times in the past week and each time I do, I just stare blankly at the screen. Stoned. Dumb. So tired my body aches and my eyes burn and my thoughts dart around like confused hummingbirds…starts and stops…lots of motion…no direction…no progress, but I must confess that the candy crush saga goes down pretttty welllll during all of this….

Talking bout a revolution…..#egypt

I am back……finally….

When I told people we were taking the kids to Egypt, I got two responses:
The first was a shocked one “Have you seen the news lately?! Is Egypt even safe to visit?” The second response ” Wow. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always dreamed of going to see the pyramids.”



No, really, I hate packing.
It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about packing for vacation, packing for a move, or just packing my lunch. I procrastinate when I have to do it. When I go on vacation I usually don’t pack my clothes until the night before. I use the excuse that it’s so I can make sure that everything is clean, but that’s not true. It’s because I hate to do it…….I don’t think this is something I should have put off until the night before, like I do for short trips
I find the experience almost traumatic. It makes no difference where I’m going, or how long I’m going for. It’s all just as awful and annoying.

Arrrghhhhhh this packing requires making a LOT of decisions, and i always pack badly, no matter how many times I pack for a trip……

There is no real point to this post other than to complain, and procrastinate from bloody packing. Anyway I leave Tomorrow and I’m stil not done….yeh….so what …..



Most of this morning was spent standing doing one of the most boring jobs invented for man; invigilation. I have been very lucky over the years, because for most of my life I have done a job that interests me; a job that on occasions can challenge, excite, exasperate, depress, and many other verbs but very rarely bore. That is until you have been asked to watch a group of students for three hours who are doing an examination.
Time stands still!

So….the time has arrived , Mid year exams ………The most boring job in the world is definately invigilation, and i cannot express my feelings any more…It’s a big pain in the knees, neck and eyes- we need to stand and roam around the exam hall continuously for 3 hours, keep an eye on every student and turn both directions frequently, somehow feels like you need to manage to turn your head an entire 360 degrees..
I have been seeing this stereotypical practice since my childhood, but never realized what it felt like to be the educator pacing the exam room……or attempting lunges or whatever It is we try to do in order for the time to passssssss by..

A lot of people ask me whether I get bored invigilating…Errrrr…..Im like …..u kidding right…..the most tedious and indescribably monotonous task and you ask this…….
having to stand at the back of an exam hall for three hour periods with almost no role other than to observe; to stare relentlessly at a bland sample of anonymous students as they scramble their way towards a particular answer, a particular mark, a particular grade or number they’ve convinced themselves will bring them some contrived form of temporary joy. Surely I’ve had enough of exam invigilation…

In any event just a few days left before the vacation begins……always a bright light at the end of every tunnel….

Toast with “Style”

The humble toaster hasn’t really changed much over the years. After all, there isn’t much you can do with a device which exists purely to brown bread……right???
Well …..i must be honest… quest to buying the perfect toaster has been a mundane yet recurring theme of my adult life which often leads to toaster rage when I buy yet another useless toaster…..