Tangle teezer

With knottttty hair….

A few years back a friend mentioned the tangle teezer to me, my daughter always had long locks of hair and brushing it wasn’t one of the easiest tasks of motherhood…..What little girl didn’t spend her childhood yelling “Ow! That hurts!!” when having her hair brushed?



The ABC’s on your face…

Now seriously, what’s with these alphabets on my face…..I’m just barely getting over my bb cream which I have I must admit fallen in love with…..
And Wait, CC ‘s and DD’s? I can’t keep up! I hear you say, but don’t panic if you’re not up on the beauty lingo – you’re not alone.



Most of this morning was spent standing doing one of the most boring jobs invented for man; invigilation. I have been very lucky over the years, because for most of my life I have done a job that interests me; a job that on occasions can challenge, excite, exasperate, depress, and many other verbs but very rarely bore. That is until you have been asked to watch a group of students for three hours who are doing an examination.
Time stands still!

So….the time has arrived , Mid year exams ………The most boring job in the world is definately invigilation, and i cannot express my feelings any more…It’s a big pain in the knees, neck and eyes- we need to stand and roam around the exam hall continuously for 3 hours, keep an eye on every student and turn both directions frequently, somehow feels like you need to manage to turn your head an entire 360 degrees..
I have been seeing this stereotypical practice since my childhood, but never realized what it felt like to be the educator pacing the exam room……or attempting lunges or whatever It is we try to do in order for the time to passssssss by..

A lot of people ask me whether I get bored invigilating…Errrrr…..Im like …..u kidding right…..the most tedious and indescribably monotonous task and you ask this…….
having to stand at the back of an exam hall for three hour periods with almost no role other than to observe; to stare relentlessly at a bland sample of anonymous students as they scramble their way towards a particular answer, a particular mark, a particular grade or number they’ve convinced themselves will bring them some contrived form of temporary joy. Surely I’ve had enough of exam invigilation…

In any event just a few days left before the vacation begins……always a bright light at the end of every tunnel….

When my lipstick doesn’t STaY…

Winter lips…..

No one likes to apply their lipstick only to have it wear off in a couple of hours, my lipstick no matter which type tends to wear of almost immediately, following Some quick tips and tricks i manage to get the most from my lipsticks all day long , all year round, especially keeping it subtle in winter….. Mwah….Xo


Toast with “Style”

The humble toaster hasn’t really changed much over the years. After all, there isn’t much you can do with a device which exists purely to brown bread……right???
Well …..i must be honest…..my quest to buying the perfect toaster has been a mundane yet recurring theme of my adult life which often leads to toaster rage when I buy yet another useless toaster…..


For a subject of tiresome theorems, Maths provides excellent entertainment

So …….I tutor her maths , but she definately needs to tutor me in English….this young lady writes in such an amazing manner and manages to make English sound foreign to some…..#nojokes

Quixotic Novelist

Whoever said maths was a boring subject has never spent a session with my tuition group.

Introduction to three participating characters the first bore a sore spasm from a three hour history exam, the second bounced with avidity at receiving a new Galaxy S4 or perhaps the of titillation of spending countless hours being chased by the obese conductor on Subway surfers and the third who sat slumped under the stress of an AP maths test. All mentioned are sustaining the severe symptoms of a serious lack of slumber over the past week, I too am included in this category and so, please excuse the many errors I’m sure to contrive in this post.

Now I’ll set the scene, being thoroughly Indian , my nature demands my arrival to be fashionably late, about half way through analytical geometry. The spot light failed to shine upon me, instead my presence brought…

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the GREAT gatsby


So the big screen adaption of “The Great Gatsby” is shining a spotlight on The  twenties  fashions, from drop-waist dresses and head scarves to bow ties and spectator shoes, glittering jewels , bold lips, and crisp suits for the gents and fabulous head pieces abound and I’m loving all of it. .
A novel which i read at  school as part of my setwork has finally come to life…….(actually this is third time round but i missed the other 2—- so for me the first)
The twenties fashion definately does NOT require a wallet the size of Jay Gatsby’s to get the look.
There are plenty of choices if you want to dress head-to-toe or just spice up your wardrobe with a few accent pieces like a retro print head scarf, faux pearl or some bling. So if you want to recreate the style from the movie just mix and match, using items from a variety of stores…… but lets keep it simple!!!!!
Gatsby gatsby gatsby!!!!

Gatsby gatsby gatsby!!!

Statement hats....

Statement hats….



Look for dresses with embellishments, fringe details, prints and drop waists..

Look for dresses with embellishments, fringe details, prints and drop waists..














Crisp tailoring for men !!!!

Crisp tailoring for men !!!!

1920s  fashion

1920s fashion

Stylish shoes...nothing screams 1920s like T-Bars.

Stylish shoes…nothing screams 1920s like T-Bars.

Sparkly accessories..in this case think glam glam glam!!!

Sparkly accessories..in this case think glam glam glam!!!