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Sleep or NOT!!!

Okay it’s confirmed 4am knows all my secrets….
Sometimes I write deep meaningful posts, well i try lol…….This, my friends, is not one of them.

Cos lately I’ve been meeting up with this chick called ” insomnia”
She comes around the second I rest my head on the pillow…and she stays. I ask her to leave and She just ignores me .
I get serious, try to evict her with warm hot chocolate , lavender, praying, hot showers even the sleeping pillow app and yet, she plants herself like a heinous growth at my bedside, terrorizing me. I mean What does she want for crying out loud……
She has always been hovering around but this time it’s just too much…she has has affected my brain….it’s like WEED guys……

Firstly if u must know I don’t smoke weed and I actually don’t care if you do, cos there are worst things you could do like hit people or wear Ed hardy …lol just kidding …….there are bigger things going down like wars, bloodshed n murder so honestly smoke weed if u want no one cares…..but what bothers me is that I think having insomnia is like smoking weed……

Weed makes people stupid , Insomnia makes me feel dumb…and I don’t like feeling dumb , I want to feel like the smartest person ever (wether i am or am not is not the question rite now * bleh* )
Weed makes people hungry , try staying awake all night , this chick will make you eat everything in sight……and a lot of it and generally it tends to be just absolute crap …I mean no one but no one is going to bother with the calorie content at 2am…..seriously …….weed provides one with random bursts of giggling, insomnia has definately managed that ….
Weed is illegal, if u didnt know and insomnia makes me want to do illegal things like shoot myself or the person that attempts waking me 5mins after i eventually fall asleep….arghhhhhhh…….
And For the Grand Finale……..Weed makes people useless(stats have proven this …..i think….cos it has to ) & Insomnia surely makes me useless. I have sat down to write a blog post at least 10 times in the past week and each time I do, I just stare blankly at the screen. Stoned. Dumb. So tired my body aches and my eyes burn and my thoughts dart around like confused hummingbirds…starts and stops…lots of motion…no direction…no progress, but I must confess that the candy crush saga goes down pretttty welllll during all of this….